Our Story

Prosecco has always been a go-to favourite beverage for Tracy, but the high sugar content in most Proseccos meant she rarely enjoyed this sparkling indulgence, and a low-sugar Prosecco is not easy to find.

One day, Tracy was at a restaurant in Florida with Paul when she opened the menu and saw the words “Skinny Bubbles”. Tracy (as she often does) began to ask the bartender about “Skinny Bubbles” and what ensued was a conversation about Prosecco Zero. After 5-10 minutes of questions, the bartender said “the creator of the Prosecco is here, let me get him for you” and into our lives walked Ervin Machado, Founder & CEO of Prosecco Zero. 

As they sipped their drinks and chatted with Ervin, they were impressed by the unique flavour profile and health-conscious benefits of Prosecco Zero. They spent the rest of the afternoon learning more about the product and becoming fast friends with Ervin and decided right then and there that Prosecco Zero needed to be in Canada.

Determined to share this delicious and health-conscious product with their fellow Canadians, Tracy and Paul decided to take a leap of faith and founded TAP Beverages Distribution Inc. They named the company using their first initials, T and P.

TAP Beverages is a Canadian agent of premium wine and spirits that is committed to offering products that are innovative and promote a “better-for-you” lifestyle. The company's flagship products, Prosecco Zero and Prosecco Zero Rosé, have become popular among health-conscious Canadians who are looking for a refined and sophisticated drinking experience.

Thanks to the chance encounter in Miami and their entrepreneurial spirit, Tracy and Paul are happy to share their passion through TAP Beverages.